22 Tech Facts You Didn’t Know About

Technology has taken its position in our lives in such a manner that it’s almost impossible to live without it and here are some tech facts you didn’t knew about:-

1. People are afraid of technology!

Fears and phobias are something that everyone possesses. And so does technology. After the Industrial revolution, technophobia is a term that was seen in workers as they were afraid that machines would take their place. In a similar manner, in today’s society, the fear of advancing AI is scaring people.

2. The Apple Lisa was the first commercial computer with a graphic user interface!

Though, this shouldn’t stop them from reading these facts 😉

Earlier, computers were text-based and type commands from the keyboard. Lisa, which was the name of Steve Job’s daughter, stands for Logical Integrated Software Architecture.

3. The first-ever VCR had the size of a piano!

The Video Camera Recorder was first made in 1956 and was the size of a piano or maybe a little more bigger than it.

4. Samsung is older than Apple!

Samsung was founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-Chull while Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak. This signifies that there is a difference of 38 years and a month.

5. Radio took 38 years to reach 50 million people!

The invention of the radio was a big deal and hence, it took almost 38 years to reach the audience. Whereas devices like iPods took just 3 years. After all, it’s all a matter of time and evolution.

6. Credit Card Chips have existed since very long!

Cards have been quite in trend since technology came around in 1986. It first came to be used in France and then to Germany and gradually spread across the world.

7. Computer Security Day – 30th November!

Since 1988, 30th Nov. came to be known as Computer Security Day to help hoist awareness regarding the issue as it is mandatory to keep a check on your privacy. You can refer to the Cyber Extortion blog for the same.

8. Google searches hit the billions every month!

Over 35 billion people surf on Google each month, The top three searches are Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon respectively with reference from the 2019 report.


9. Did you just think that something is vibrating?

Phantom Vibration Syndrome is the name given when you feel that your phone vibrated in your pocket but when you actually see it, it didn’t. This is usually caused due to the over-usage of phones. Honestly, this is my favorite fact though 😉

10. 6,000 computer viruses are created every month!

Since 1990, there have been just 50 known computer viruses. Today, the number has risen so high as the majority of the emails consist of malware and half of them don’t even know about it.

11. There are more likes than photos on Facebook!

Regularly, around 300 million pictures are being uploaded on Facebook whereas, the number of likes given out on a daily basis are 800 million. Isn’t that weird and awesome !?

12. Nokia is the largest company from Finland!

It is such a huge company that the country takes it as its pride. It not just manufactures cell phones but is also been an original paper manufacturing company since 1865. It entered the technology world in the 1980s. Hats-Off to this achievement.

13. YouTube is made up of 5% of Music!

Though this seems a low number, it is the most engaging content available on YouTube. About 20% of the views that YouTube receives are due to the music. I guess now it sounds like a bigger number, doesn’t it?

14. 1 hour on social media makes people less happier!

This wouldn’t sound surprising because studies have shown that the more time that he or she spends on social media, the more they are prone to be less happy.

15. A thinner font can save the printer’s ink!

This isn’t a big deal for people who use printers once in a while. But in companies or with more print work areas, using a lighter font with thin lines would help less consumption of ink.

16. The QWERTY Keyboard was actually designed to slow down!

During the introduction of typewriters, fast typing jammed the keys. Hence, using a QWERTY Keyboard segregated the commonly used letters for typists to slow down and avoid jamming.

17. Tech companies often test devices in New Zealand!

Being a diverse country with less population and being isolated in certain areas, it is easier to test products there because even if they fail to work, the news wouldn’t spread that fast.

18. Carrier Pigeons were faster than the Internet in 2010!

While comparing speeds, it was observed that the Pigeon took just an hour while the Internet took two hours to upload.

19. Amazon’s robot workers skyrocketed in less than five years!

In 2013, there were only 1000 robots working in the warehouse, but with the passage of time, 45,000 robots were placed across 20 warehouses.

20. Digital technology is good for the environment!

Estimates have said that digital technology would reduce carbon emissions by 20% in 2030. This equates to eliminating 100% of China’s emissions plus 1.5 billion tons.

21. A vast amount of technology is thrown out every year!

220 million tons of old computers were thrown away in the US itself. This also included other linked devices.

22. The first camera needed a long exposure!

It took 8 hours to expose the first photograph in 1826. By 1839, the time got lowered to 15 minutes.

These are 22 Tech Facts that you didn’t knew about (most probably).

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