A Smartphone With Drone Camera !?

The brimming hot topic in the world today is the technological development in smartphones. Alongside, in the previous article we saw about the drone delivery system.

Now, imagine these two things together. Sounds breathtaking isn’t it ?

Let me reduce your curiosity and take you to what actually is happening with phones.

As per the information resource, the Vivo Company has filed a patent saying that it is working on a special smartphone that would have a built-in drone camera and would exit the device when in need.

Getting into the history, over a few years, manufacturers have been trying to get rid of camera scratches on the screen, flip mechanisms and pop-up cameras.

Hence, Some of them are working on in-display cameras just like the in-display fingerprint scanner while some like Vivo focusing on drone cameras. It has come to the notice that the drone will consist of two cameras and two infrared sensors.

Further, the designer, Sarang Sheth with LetsGoDigital adds that the users can visualise how the module would work. They reveal that the render would slide out of the device through a large tray.

With this, the phone may turn out to be a little thick and there would also be a small battery as the drone would take over a large amount of space inside.

It is to be noted that these renders are just for illustration as Vivo has not yet launched the product or confirmed it’s plan.

Even if the company manages to get through the plan and bring up a product into the market, it needs to manage the issues that the manufacturers are facing.

For now, take this as if you have heard it from the grapevine as technology always keeps changing.

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