All-in-one Microsoft Office app released for Android

Microsoft has finally released its unified Office app after months of beta testing which was started in early 2019. The app allows the use of Word, Powerpoint, and Excel without having to download separate apps for each.

This could be a good way to save time when working on multiple types of documents at once.

The new Office application allows you to browse your OneDrive files, and edit any Word, PowerPoint, or Excel documents without opening any separate tools. It also synchronizes with the Windows 10 notes application and includes a variation of the Office Lens scanner. Also, there’s a QR code reader, in case you need one of those for whatever reason.


  • There is no support for tablets and chrome books.
  • Unified office app is only available for android, and not on ios.
  • The app is locked to portrait mode, i.e it can’t be used on landscape mode.

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