BGMI Partners With Tesla !?

Whether Covid ends or not, games are gonna be in the trend forever. On Tuesday, BGMI announced its partnership with Tesla.


  • BGMI has partnered with Tesla due to the attraction of leading technologies being built in Erangel. Hence, Tesla has installed their Gigafactory in four locations which enables players to watch the production of Tesla Model Y from start to finish.
  • Users can now drive in their new cars and experience an innovative auto-pilot feature available in the Tesla vehicles. This self-driven Tesla Semi will randomly generate rural roads and automatically run on specific routes.


  • Firstly, the classic mode of the game has been updated to include the new weapons. They have introduced the MG3 that replaced MG249. It is a low machine gun with 75 bullets and supports 6x zoom.
  • A Sand Bottle Section is also added for players to compete and earn these Sand Bottles. With this, an all new Mission Ignition Events is also added.
  • This event has six locations which will transform research and energy facilities.
  • Players will now enjoy a new method of gaming experience to manipulate the game with these updated combat features.


  • BGMI players also get healing consumables so that they can throw in trajectories that are good. With upgrades in the game, the RPM1 has also been extended, which will cost 360UC and will last for thirty days.
  • The guns can also be customised in BGMI with the option of third-person perspective (TPP) camera in the game.
  • A new Challenge Point System is being introduced that gives rewards to the players according to their behaviour. Which signifies that players can’t leave their team in the middle of the match and use weapons that are less violent, which is ironic.
  • Clan Points are earned by having fights once in every fortnight. But care needs to be taken as at the end, each crown winner would receive amazing rewards.


  • The game has crossed 34 million plus registrations after the recent release.
  • It has already achieved the rank of no. one on Google Play.
  • It was recorded that on an average, there are 16 million active users everyday and 2.4 million peak concurrent users.

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