5 Biggest Cyber Attack in History

When you have a keyboard, there’s no need for a sword or gun, in this blog you will get to know about biggest cyber attack in history. With the Covid-19 virus hit throughout the world, the digital world has become cyber warfare. Whether it is computer hacking or stealing government information, the internet has made everything possible.

Listed below are the biggest cyber attacks that moved the companies on a major scale.

1. Adobe Went Through Hell !

In October 2013, the IT structure of adobe was hacked. 2.9 million accounts were stolen. In order to access the information, hackers managed to break through the security barriers by stealing passwords. But, with good grace, the bank’s data wasn’t stolen otherwise Adobe would be on the verge of bankruptcy. Along with this, their product data details were also harmed. All of this included theft of over 40GB.

2. Ten Million Credit Cards Stolen !

Around 2009, Gonzales from Miami caused a massive cybersecurity fraud in the US. He stole credit and debit card numbers from over 250 financial institutions. This was done by controlling the payment networks of various companies.

3. The 2002 Internet Attack !

A major cyber attack had an objective of thirteen territory’s root server systems. This made the internet bend down to its knees in the US. This attack though just lasted for an hour, which is not a much longer time but the damage caused was frightening. Though there wasn’t any major effect, the internet got strained for an hour so it came to a standstill for some time.

4. NASA and US Defence Hacked !

In the year 1999, Jonathan James at the age of 15 was honored with his name on the list of hacker’s hall of fame. With the installation of a backdoor server, he entered the US Defense. He interpreted the internal emails of various government organizations. With this information, he stole a piece of NASA’s software that led to the shutting down of the system for three weeks. This piece was worth forty-one thousand dollars. Later he got caught but with the age being so young, he received a light statement. Sometime later in 2008, he suicided as he was accused of stealing credit cards with other hackers but, he stated in his letter that he wasn’t involved and this was a false claim.

5. Marriott Hotels Lost Privacy of 500 million Customers !

About 500 million guests at the Marriott Hotels suffered due to a leak in their information, which included bank details as well. There was a breach around 2014, but it got first observed in 2018 in the month of September. This had massive implications. From payment information, email ids, phone numbers, addresses, passport details, to names and American Express Credit Cards. It says that the information was being taken since 2014, it’s just that they came into notice as the hackers had copied the information with the notion of taking it.

These 5 are the biggest cyber attack in history.

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