Can your iPhone be hacked?

The simple answer to this question is YES. iPhone’s can be hacked. No doubt they are much less vulnerable than android mobile phones, but nothing is 100% safe. Apple has really strict policies in terms of security. Also, a lot of celebrities use iPhone not just because of good camera quality but also because of security purposes.

But still a lot of iphone’s get hacked! question here is how?

Methods by which iPhone can be hacked:

Jailbreaking your iPhone

The biggest problem with jailbreaking is that it disables the “sandboxing” feature of iOS, a key part of the operating system’s security architecture.

Sandboxing makes sure third-party apps access only certain pieces of user data and certain parts of the iPhone’s operating system. Such apps lack so-called “root” privileges and hence can’t access other apps or the deeper parts of iOS.

Basically, after jailbreaking user can install third-party apps i.e not from the app store and these applications might contain harmful code which can affect your iPhone and get you hacked.

Not updating your IOS

Every update comes with a security patch and fix to keep an iPhone secure, so not updating your IOS is a bad move.

Any hacker who found a zero-day vulnerability could hack your iPhone.

Connecting to public Wifi

As everyone has access to public wifi and you are also connected to the same wifi, this might be a problem as any hacker can sniff through your data by using man in the middle attack especially if you are using an unsecured website and enters your important passwords or ay bank details, a hacker can simply obtain it. So never connect to public wifi and if you do, Do not use unsecured websites or enter passwords.

Using weak apple id password

Using weak passwords is foolish! You should never use passwords that can get you hacked or are easy to guess. Here are some tips for not getting hacked.

If you use a weak apple id password and any hacker is able to crack it then you can lose all your data, backups and even access to your device.

Spy apps

There are spy apps like flexispy in the market which anyone can use who has physical access to your iPhone and can install this spy app without you knowing.

These kinds of apps hide and work in background and you will not even get a hint. These apps are capable of accessing your call logs, messages, social apps like Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, etc. also camera, microphone and GPS can be accessed.

How to protect your iPhone from getting hacked:-

  • Never install third-party applications
  • Avoid jailbreaking your iPhone
  • Avoid using public wifi and if you do make sure to use a VPN.
  • Set strong passwords.

If you use android or Iphone then you should look at this another detailed post on TIPS FOR NOT GETTING HACKED.

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