Difference between Java and JavaScript

Whenever we see these two words, Java, and JavaScript for mostly new programmers one thought always comes in our mind that maybe these are interconnected to each other or mostly similar to each other. But when gone through depth of these languages, it is found that these are a lot different from each other. With the end of this article all the questions or thoughts about the difference between java and JavaScript will be cleared and you will have a basic idea of each language.  

Let’s start with the basic definition of both languages.

  • JavaScript-

JavaScript is an object-oriented scripting language or a lightweight programming language. JavaScript mostly deals in making interactive web pages or client and server-side web applications. The syntax used in JavaScript is like C which is also used in Java. There are only very few similarities in Java and JavaScript, but it is not related to Java. Dynamic text can be inserted using JavaScript into HTML.

  • Java-

Java is an object-oriented programming language. The programs are compiled on a virtual machine that allows us to run the programs on nearly every platform. It is the most used language among the developers. It is used for making software and server applications. It is mainly used a core language for making applications. Java promises, “Write Once, Run Anywhere” that means once the code is complied it can run anywhere without compiling it again.

Java JavaScript
Java is an object-oriented programming language.JavaScript is an object-oriented scripting language.
Variable must be declared first to use anywhere in the code.Rules here are much more relaxed for syntax and can be used easily.
It is a strongly typed language.It is weekly typed language.
Java code can run on any virtual machine platform and browser.Earlier JavaScript code was only used to run on browser but now can run on server also due to Node.js.
Objects of java are class based.Objects of JavaScript are prototype based.
Java application uses more memory.JavaScript code requires less memory.
Multithreading is supported by Java.Does not support multithreading.

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