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Feeling excited to know about it right ? Let’s get ahead !

Firstly, let’s know what a drone is. A drone is a flying robot which is controlled through a remote or has an in-built software system that works on the sensor and the GPS in it.

The Director General Of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has given a green signal to experiment drones for deliveries. As per the reports, DGCA has approved around 13 companies to carry out the drone tests. These include ShopX, Dunzo, Throttle, SpiceJet, Asteria Aerospace (a Reliance initiative) and many more.

The aim basically is to grow drone services locally within the country and consecutively reduce the dependency on imported technology.

It is said that the trials will be conducted by the first week of July for at least 100 hours of flight until 30th September 2020 as assigned by the Airport Authorities Of India. This will be submitted to the DGCA to frame policies for long-range and autonomous drone operations.

Through this delivery system, it has been made possible to deliver packages that take 30-45 minutes just within 15 minutes!

The CEO and Founder of Zomato, Mr. Deepinder Goyal said, “The only way to reduce the timing from 30 minutes to 15 minutes is through aerial routes as roads are not efficient for fast deliveries.”

Goyal also added that, “We have been working towards building sustainable and safe delivery technology and with our first successful test, food delivery by drones is no longer just a pipe dream.” (Source – https://www.businesstoday.in/ )

Therefore, Zomato completed it’s drone delivery test in 2019 with a 5kg load that covered 5kms in 10 minutes. Over the passage of time, the company has collected data and is now likely to do away with pilot supervision.

It is not just food !!

The DGCA has also permitted the delivery of medicines, vaccines, etc. Companies such as Redwing and Zipline have been working with the Uttarakhand and Maharashtra governments for reaching out to people to provide medical help through aerial routes.

Taking the congested roads and the pollution into consideration, using drones is going to become a game changer for the metro cities in India.

Drones are useful and will run in full-fledged as the world is now taking it’s turn to an increased rate of contactless delivery.

How Effective Is It ?

  • It will facilitate a timely transfer of essential goods to the remote areas in India.
  • The delivery system will help in recovering the losses caused due to the pandemic.
  • Commodities will be delivered not only faster but will also be contactless.
  • This will reduce chances of food and medicinal theft.
  • Startups will get more cost-effectiveness.

But, with certain pros there also comes a few cons. This excellent service also has a few challenges.

The major challenge is that there can be drone theft and drone damages. Hence, the organisations need to consider the associated cost.

Although, these drone delivery systems are going to bring a drastic change and make lives way more easier than what it is today !

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