How to see random screenshots in any persons phone?

Here comes a cool fun trick #1, How to see random screenshots in any persons phone? well, it is damn simple and also interesting!

What you need to do is visit this website ->

  • Here, after ‘/ ‘write any random letters, numbers, or their combination.
  • Here we got a screenshot from any random person’s mobile phone! Cool right!
  • Also, in lots of cases or in lots of combinations of numbers and letters you may see screenshot removed.

I have tried and tested it personally, It works! and I found some things really interesting and unique that you might get shocked to see.

Looking at random screenshots can be a good hobby for fun 😋 you will get to know a lot of Tips & Tricks from this website.

Be patient and try a lot of combinations, you might find something really interesting!

How do I view random screenshots? is a website with which you can view random screenshots of anyone’s phone. Just enter and after some tries, you might find something interesting.

What is the prnt SC thing?

It is a website that allows you to view random screenshots, it is basically a crawler that crawls through image sharing websites and gives you result.

Is prnt SC legal?

prnt sc is a crawler that crawls through image-sharing websites. I don’t see anything illegal here.

Is my phone taking random screenshots?

No, unless you are hacked, and the hacker is making moves. prnt sc simply crawls image sharing websites, so if you have shared your photo on any website online then you might find it online. Wait what did I just said!?

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