Google Safety Centre Supports 8 Indic Languages!

On Wednesday, August 25th, at the virtual event Google launched an updated version of Google Safety Centre which is now available in eight Indic languages, namely, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, and Telugu, with Bengali, Tamil, and Gujarati to launch at the end of the year.

The updated Google Safety Centre is meant absolutely for educating users about digital safety and assist them to secure their accounts. In this, users can review, control and delete activities that are saved on their accounts that aid in improving safety. Google claims that this ‘My Activity section received billions of visitors from India.

Benefits Of This Update

With this new announcement, Google aims to boost Internet safety amongst the Indians. With this, they introduced the Be Internet Awesome program in English and Hindi, for kids in the country, which majorly focused on safety. This involves a collection of games that would also aid kids to learn and how they could keep their important information safe, be aware of cyberbullies, and differentiate between real and fake. In collaboration with the Publisher of Amar Chitra Katha, this has brought online safety content with the characters across eight Indian languages.

What Else ?

The Android and Google Play Vice President Sameer Samrat announced, at the event, that the next JioPhone would be the first phone to offer premium phone capabilities that include:

  • Foundation of safety and security
  • Latest Android releases and security updates
  • Google’s world-class security and malware protection.


“As there has been an increase in the adaptation of people being connected digitally throughout the country, we cannot take the Internet for granted,” said Vint Cerf, Vice President, and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google. Consequently, Google has improved support teams of Google Play in the country. Refer to our other blogs on our blogs – You could also go to the Cyber Security section for further details.

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