How to hack Gta5 pc using cheat engine?

Cheat Engine is a software using which you can easily hack Gta 5 and get unlimited money for free!

Follow these simple steps and you will be able to hack gta5 pc and get unlimited money for free!

Steps 1:-

Step 2:-

  • Open your game Gta5 and with any character open the phone (in game) -> go to browser (in game) -> open money and services -> buy any stock of any amount.

In my case i am buying 4 stocks of AnimalArk(APK).

Step 3:-

  • Click on the top left Highlighted Icon then select your game and click on open.

Step 4:-

  • Enter the value of the number of stocks you bought. In my case it is 4 so i will enter 4 and click on first scan.

Here you will see a lot of values in the left column but ignore it for now!

Step 5:-

  • Go to your game and buy more stocks of same company ( in my case i bought 6 more ).
  • Go to cheat engine and enter the new value (total no of stocks) which in my case is 10.
  • You need to repeat this process 3-4 times until you get 2-3 values.

And remember to click on NEXT SCAN, if you click on new scan again then there will be no use of it.

Step 6:-

  • After you get 2-3 values in the left column copy them below by click on the red arrow button.
  • Here Double-click on the old value i.e. 10 and change it to any value you want and click on ok.

And the hack is complete! now when you go back to your game buy 1 more stock and you will see the new value that you have changed.

You can now sell all these stocks and get unlimited money in gta5 using cheat engine just like that.

You can also use cheat engine in other games just like this! If you want me to make a post on another particular game then comment down below!

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