Hack FB account? Hack Instagram account?

I see a lot of people saying “please hack this facebook account or Instagram account“, so let me tell you the reality, it is not possible to hack account in a click or so, I am not saying this is not possible, everything is possible but it’s not that in one click account can be hacked. Obviously there are known methods that can be used to get access to someone else’s account but again that is illegal, but people should be aware of how it is done so that they can protect themselves from such acts.


  1. Hacking into victim’s phone:- so, one way is directly getting the access of the victim’s mobile phone which is possible by using some spy application or making one of your own using social engineering – KALI LINUX. These kinds of applications allow you to get almost all the details of victim’s phone like – you can get messages, location, access front and back camera and a lot more, some people do it for fun which is wrong. Now how can I use this to Hack FB account or Instagram account, which is our main concern, so, what I could do is click on reset password on the id I want to hack -> The victim will get an OTP for the same -> Now as we have access to messages I can simply enter the OTP and reset the password. SUCCESSFULLY HACKED.
  2. Using keylogger:- What are keyloggers? These are software or applications which allow the user to record all the keystrokes that are being entered by the victim. These keyloggers are available which can be downloaded into victim’s phone and this app will send you all the recorded keystrokes via E-mail. Now how can I use these keystrokes to hack FB account or to hack GMAIL, INSTAGRAM, and any account? when my victim will login he/she will enter the id and password of the account now as keylogger is recording all the keystrokes and sending it to you so basically you are directly getting all the IDs and Passwords.
  3. Brute-force:- When an attacker uses a set of predefined values to attack a target and analyze the response until he succeeds. Success depends on the set of predefined values. If it is larger, it will take more time, but there is a better probability of success. The most common and easiest to understand example of the brute-force attack is the dictionary attack to crack the password. In this, the attacker uses a password dictionary that contains millions of words that can be used to gain access to victim’s account by trying each and every password by using some software like Cain and able, Rainbow crack, etc.

There are more methods like stealing browser cookies or, if you are connected to the same wifi network Man in the middle attack’s can be used or you can just simply peak and take a look of what password your victim is typing.

Now if you don’t want to get hacked then:-

  1. Do Not install applications from unknown sources.
  2. Do not give your phone to strangers – it takes a minute to install such malicious files.
  3. Use strong and complex passwords so that someone can not brute-force into your account.


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