How to Delete a Facebook Page?

Your query – How to delete a facebook page I created? how to delete a facebook business page?

Solution –

If you own a Facebook Page, and want to delete your facebook page for some reason, then follow these simple steps to do so-

1) First of all, make sure you are logged in as an Admin of the Facebook page you want to delete.

2) Go to your Facebook Page and click on Settings, you can see that on the left section of your screen.

3) Now, General settings will appear, here scroll down to the bottom and you will see Remove page option.

4) Click on Delete your page.

5) Now click on Delete _______________(your page name).

6) After this it will ask for confirmation ” Delete Page? “. Click on it.

Now, after this your page won’t be deleted permanently until 14 days, after 14 days your page will automatically delete.

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