How to earn money online in India? | 2022

Are you looking for ideas on how to earn money online in India? Well, it’s 2022 the era of digitalization and if you don’t have any income stream from a digital source, you should start building it up right now. Do read the full blog and don’t miss the roadmap 🙂

This post is divided into two parts:

  1. No skill needed
  2. Skill based

First, let’s talk about the people who are here and want to earn money but don’t want to work hard or have any skills. The payout for this type of work is very less. Let’s start with the top 3 ways to earn money passively without any skill.

Generate Passive income with no skill required:

Honeygain ( Earn 5$ Now )

Honeygain is a platform that pays you to share your internet. If you have unused internet or a wifi connection with an unlimited data plan, what could be better than this.

Head on to and make sure to signup with my referral to get instant 5$ deposited in your honeygain account.

After that simply download the honeygain application in your windows system, android, and macOS. It is not supported for IOS.

This is how you can earn money in india without any investment.

For more information head on to the FAQ section of honeygain.

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Google opinion rewards

A lot of people fail in this because they do not answer the surveys with honesty and hence stop getting more surveys from Google.

So, BE HONEST and you can earn some money through google opinion rewards.

Now let’s get to the real part where you can earn a good amount of money which obviously requires skill.

Earn money online in India ( Skill based ):

This is where you should put your focus, and in the future, this will convert into your passive income.

Stock market

It definitely needs skill, time, effort, but the reward is also high. You just need a Demat account which you can get with a stockbroker like upstox.

Get your free Demat account with upstox here and get ₹1000 free brokerage credit.

Types of trading:-

  1. Intraday
  2. Swing
  3. Investment

If you want to earn money and want to be safe you should focus on long-term wealth rather than short-term. Even the stock market has risks. It is a very detailed topic that can not be covered in this post.

Investing in Top nifty 50 companies and holding it for 10 or 20 years can change your life. Research on some good companies which provide dividends like GAIL, hindustan uniliever, etc., and you can earn passively with this. Know the power of compounding.

Make sure to learn trading before actually trading. You can start learning stock market from my mentor Anish Singh Thakur.

Mutual funds

Unlike the stock market, you don’t have to trade in mutual funds. You can simply invest a particular amount of money in the form of lumpsum or you can start a SIP. Mutual funds are managed by professionals who invest your money into the stock market.

Things to keep in mind while investing in a mutual fund:-

  • Look at the expense raito. The less the better
  • Go for Direct mutual funds as it gives higher return
  • Check your risk portfolio before investing in a high risk MF
  • SIP can be more convinient starting from Rupees 500 per month.

Do your research on which mutual fund is best and when to invest in mutual funds.

My recommendation:- UTI nifty – Direct plan.

Platform:- IND Money, it allows you to invest in indian as well as US funds. Open your account Now.

Want a stock for free? Get netflix stock for free when you signup for INDmoney using VIPJCIANFX this referal code.

Playing games

Yes you read it right! Playing games? Yes, you can earn money from playing games. MOBOX.IO is a website on which you can play games and compete with other players, and on acquiring a certain position on the leaderboard you get rewarded with mobox coins which you can sell and convert it into real cash. Current value of 1 mobox coin is $4.5 .

There is another concept in which players can acquire Mobox NFTs known as momo on this metaverse website and mine token through it. I have not tried it, but if you wish to you can, IT IS LEGIT.

Other NFT Games you can try:


Blogging is a really great and underrated way to make money. Good and consistent bloggers can make a really good money out of it. Generally bloggers start blogging using and after 1-2 months they don’t see cash flow so they stop blogging.


Being a hackyourtechnology reader and follower, if you are serious about blogging what you will do is buy a domain which is short and crisp related to whatever niche you are good at. After that you will buy a shared hosting as you are starting and considering you have a low budget, you can find a lot of content on internet on how to setup wordpress on your server — Do that and start writing.

You can buy hosting and domain from hosting raja from my affiliate link or you can buy from anywhere you like.

How and What should you write?

Just start writing what you know, things you have to focus on is quality, quality lasts longer than quantity. Write what you know in a short and crisp form! You might have heard of InShorts, A news app, what they did was write news in short form within 60 words, people liked that and boom..they are printing money.

If you feel like you don’t know what to write then explore the internet and look for the topic that interests you, read 5-6 articles, understand them and write what you learned from it. You can also write comparison articles, or product reviews.

Important points for you:

  • Write quality content
  • Write the content in crisp form
  • Write what you know
  • Do your keyword research and focus on a keyword with medium search and very low competition.
  • Try to give headings and sub-headings.
  • and, bullet pints are love – use them. ( You will read bullet points with most concentration )

Now to earn money with blogging you need to monetize it with ads, I use adsterra and google adsense both on my website.

You won’t get approval from adsense directly, you need to write 10-20 posts before getting approval but you can go to adsterra and monetize from day 1, But don’t put too many ads or it will destroy the user experience.

Signup on adsterra –


You can write a blog, then why not convert those articles in a youtube video? suppose you write a post on 10 Ways to not get hacked then make a youtube video on another 10 ways and ask your audience to checkout your blog and youtube channel, this way you are crosslinking and giving yourself backlinks which in time will get you good reach.

Just turn on camera , recorder and start speaking, creativity, confidence and improvement will come with time.

Affiliate marketing

Yes, I know you have read it in a lot of blogs and watched a lot of videos on it but what you don’t know is that you dont directly jump to affiliate marketing, you build an audience on any platform – Blog, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, maybe onlyfans :p but the point is why will someone buy from your affiliate link? someone will only buy if they trust you, they know you, so gain genuine followers – interact with your audience, give them quality content and then come to my blog again and leave a comment – I DID IT 🙂

Niche you can start your journey with:

  • Metaverse
  • NFT
  • Crypto
  • Product review
  • Product comparison
  • Hidden websites that very few people know of
  • many more…


Open your laptop – Find a niche that you can master or that interests you – Think of a domain name – Acquire its name on every social platform – Buy the domain and hosting – Start writing – Start a youtube channel – Make your first video – Do keyword research and make a list of topics you can write article on – Write more articles and make attractive thumbnails – Share your articles and videos on Quora, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. – Join related groups and forums – Engage in conversation in these forums | Don’t SPAM – Monetize your blog – Be consistent – Enjoy

If you want a detailed guide on How to start a blog from scratch, comment down below.

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