How to extend battery life?

Just like living organisms, devices are efficient to exercise majestic tasks. But this happens only when the devices are charged up to run at high speeds. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with looking at the battery charging level and you definitely need to extend battery life.

This issue becomes a major one when we are traveling. So, before you run out of charge or look forward to any charging outlet or ask someone for your device charger, here are some tips that will help you extend battery life.

10 Tips to extend battery life:-

Follow the golden rule of charging:

At most times keep your battery level between 30% to 90% this will extend battery life. Lithium-ion battery doesn’t like going below 20%. So, plug your phone in when battery drops to 30-40% and plug it out at 90%.

Turn Down Screen Brightness:

This is one of the most common and easiest ways to help you/r device consume less battery. This is a proven fact and hence actually makes a lot of difference. Another way is to keep the auto-brightness mode turned on. It keeps changing the screen brightness according to your surroundings and hence helping in lesser consumption of battery.

Shorten Screen Timeout:

Leaving the screen turned on affects the battery a lot. So, you can save the battery by setting the screen time short. This helps prevent pocket dials and other unwanted screen touches. 

Choose Dark Mode:

Dark colors consume almost zero energy than bright lights. Hence, choosing a dark theme helps lesser usage of battery. This is also helpful for people’s eyes as it stains them less than the white light screen. There are even certain apps that have the dark theme built in them. It is very common to change themes in an android device but it was very difficult to customize to dark theme until the release of iOS13 from iPhone 11 onwards.

Turn Off Location Services:

The location services use GPS to detect your exact location. This is a lot helpful when you navigate to unknown locations. But, you need to make sure you turn it on only when it is necessary. Unwanted turning on location services would lead to drainage of your battery and heating your device.

Turn On Power Saving Mode:

This gets usually auto-turned-on when your battery falls below a range that you have set. It is usually 15% for phones, and for laptops, it could be 20% to 30%. There is also an emergency mode on Samsung phones that could be used while having a low battery. But this can be avoided by turning on the battery-saving mode from the beginning. iPhone’s battery life lasts longer but capacity is usually less as they consume very little power.

Mind Your Apps:

Adjust the settings on your apps that consume high battery or preferably uninstall them. This is usually caused by apps with videos, audios, heavy graphics, games, etc. In Samsung phones, your app battery usage is displayed by checking into the background battery being used. On iPhones as well you get to monitor your app battery into the settings section. To avoid this, you could rather exit from all the apps and windows rather than just minimizing them.

Avoid Using Fast Charging:

This is mandatory as they quickly charge and heat the battery coil. This leads to stressing the battery. Thus, using normal chargers is more preferable. For instance, let’s consider the iPhone 11pro max comes with an 18W charger and claims to charge 0% to 50% within 30 minutes but at the same time it heats the phone which harms the battery as well as the device.

Turn off keyboard vibration:

When you type on your mobile devices, on every tap there is a vibration which consumes batter. Turning it off will definitely extend the battery life.

Avoid playing games on your phone while charging it:

If you love to play games, but play it while charging the phone, you should stop immediately as it not only overheats and harms the device and affects the battery life massively but there are chances that your battery might explode which can cause you serious injuries.

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