Importance of Backlinks, It’s Impact, and Roadmap – 2021

‘ Backlinks ‘ you might have heard this term several times, but ever wondered what exactly is the backlink? At the end of this post, you will not only know what is backlinks and the importance of backlinks but also how you can build backlinks for yourself.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links that connect a website to another website. Suppose I write in this article which I just did, so I gave google a backlink. It is simple as that.

importance of backlinking

Types of Backlinks:

There are basically two types of backlinks that are going to help you in doing SEO.

  1. Dofollow Backlink
  2. Nofollow Backlink

Now read carefully!

Dofollow backlinks:

These are the backlinks that matter the most! As the name suggests Do Follow, means we are saying search engine to go and check it out, this link is important.

Dofollow backlinks are generally used and found in common, and for your SEO you should focus on acquiring these backlinks only. Now, How to acquire these backlinks? Keep reading, you will get to know.

Nofollow baclinks:

These are the backlinks that are not followed by google. for instance I mentioned, and as you see in the screenshot below, I told search engines to ignore that link, so it is now a Nofollow backlink, and search engines will ignore this link.

Importance of Backlinks and Their Impact On Rankings ?

Best way to make you understand the importance of backlinks is with this example. So, for instance, if there is a mountain climbing site, and you link it to a site that has the best hiking gears, this gear site gains a vote of confidence – or backlink – from the mountain website. Therefore, the higher the number of votes, the higher is your ranking. These votes are given by Google and so, this is a major reason why backlinks are important.

Yes, In fact, there is nothing new, in having a backlink on your site, as Google’s foundation is formed through backlinks. This is mainly a good method for a good SEO of your website. This in turn leads to your website, possessing a beneficial ranking on SERPs – Search Engine Result Pages.

How To Get Backlinks Organically?

The best way to organically receive natural backlinks is to constantly produce high-quality content, now you will say this is wrong, but no, this is absolutely correct, as people will only share your page/ post when they see quality content. Secondly, it should be relevant to the target page and offer a certain extra amount of information to your website. The following points could be deployed if you wish to gain more organic links to your website.

  1. Collaborate With Influencers
  2. Serve Q&A For Potential Topics
  3. Generate More Diverse Content
  4. Invest Into Graphics With Content
  5. Identify What Your Channel Audience Wants
  6. Optimize Content On Multiple Channels
  7. Think On Long-Term Benefits

Getting Backlinks organically is not an easy task! You need a lot of effort and creativity to do so. If you are motivated right now, you should get to work now. But how? What should be your first step? No worries, Hackyourtechnology is here.

What should be your first step to acquiring dofollow backlinks?

I am considering you have written quality content. Now after publishing each and every article, the first step should be sharing all those articles on social media, Not just like that, Listen up!

Where should you share your posts?

  1. Discord server Make a discord server for your community, add some good bots in it to help you grow the server, and share every post there.
  2. InstagramMake your Instagram account, and whatever you write on an article, share 40-60% of the information of that same article on instagram by making reels or posts. You can use to make amazing content. For your reference: Look at this Instagram post I made for this article.
  3. Linkedin You can get the most engaging users from linkedin, share your links on linkedin and use hashtags, or you can also write an article on linkedin ( 40-60% give the link to read full article )
  4. Quora This is another beast, you should definitely share your content on, but not directly. A lot of people asks question regarding a lot of things, you need to find questions related to your article topic and answer those questions.
  5. Whatsapp- Make A brodcast server on whatsapp and add send the links to all your contacts, some of them will text you to not send you the links, simply remove them from brodcast list and keep going.
  6. Youtube– Start a youtube channel, make similar related content to you niche and Cross-link your website and youtube channel. If any one article will get ranked, your youtube video will get free organic traffic and vice verse.

I guarantee you, you will see noticeable results by just doing this for a month, if someone likes your content they will share on social platforms and you are getting backlinks and traffic organically.

There are more platforms you can share your content to, the more you share the better it is., Reddit, Pinterest Etc.

But, That’s not it. You need to do more! Use your brain. Let me give you a boost start!

Another tip to get Organic Backlinks

Most people say Emailing, but I don’t see that much effectiveness, it requires a lot and lots of time and effort doing that and I am too lazy to do so. Let me tell you another similar method:

Open youtube and search for channels with not many subscribers, like under 10k subs should be there. You can easily get emails of the admin from here. Refer to the image below.

Now, E-mail them the link to your article and show them your talent and ask them to make a collaborative post or video, you both will provide backlinks to each other and this way the content will be more quality and more will be the chances to get more organic traffic.


And that’s it for your start, you will be on the right track to get good dofollow backlinks and growing your community.

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With strategic planning, you can have a rise in your backlinks and generate good votes. Keep following the process and with time you will gain success.

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