How to see and use Instagram Dm’s on the computer’s web browser?

If anytime your phone’s battery is dead and you might want to use your Instagram Dm on your computer’s web browser then with some really simple steps you can do so.

STEP 1:-

  • We will obviously start by powering on the computer!
  • Open google chrome.
  • Open Instagram website.

STEP 2:-

  • Login into your instagram account by entering your Id and Password that you use on your mobile phone.

STEP 3:-

  • You need to open Inspect element, you can do that by pressing Shift+Ctrl+I or right click and click inspect element.

Here you will see two icons on the top bar in which one is for web view another is for mobile view (as highlighted yellow in the below image).

STEP 5:-

  • Click on this mobile icon on toggle device toolbar.

STEP 6:-

  • Now just refresh the page!
Dm icon appeared on the top right corner.


Now you can see the Instagram Dm icon on the top right corner of the page. Moreover, you can chat with your friends and family.

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