PUBG Mobile season 13 what to expect? Leakes | Release Date | Emotes

PUBG Mobile is one of the most played games on smartphones and according to The Verge, PUBG for Mobile now has 200 million users and about 30 million active daily users. and it is known for its regular update and interesting season themes. PUBG Mobile Season 12 was launched in March and now the new report suggests that the leaked details of the upcoming Season 13.

Expected Theme of PUBG Mobile season 13

PUBG Mobile season 13 theme will be named ‘Toys Playground’ looking at which we can assume that the upcoming theme would be based upon toys and would feature items related to, most possibly, the things you used to enjoy playing within your childhood. It would be a lot of fun to relive our childhood memories through PUBG Mobile. We can expect to see skins, outfits and other stuff that would be based on something that we would have loved as kids.

When Will PUBG Mobile Season 13 Start?

The PUBG Mobile Season 13 0.18.0 update will likely arrive on the 9th May 2020. There will be no downtime for this update.

The Season 12 Royale Pass is set to end on the 11th May 2020 at 12am GMT, with Season 13 beginning on the 12th May 2020 at 2am GMT.

Season 12 ranks will end and reset on 12th May 12am GMT, with Season 13 ranks beginning at 2am GMT.

What’s new?

Some new emote’s are coming to PUBG Mobile Season 13 called “Joyful Twist”, “Cossack Dance”, “Lieutenant Parasec”, “Foxtrot”, a Handstand emote and a lot more according to several YouTubers. Also, there will be more mythic outfits with which you will get more crazy emotes.

Here you can see all emotes shown by youtuber called Mr.CyberSquad

Royal pass

Some of the PUBG Mobile Season 13 Royale Pass Rewards along with RP 100 Reward is as follows:

  • Lego Inspired Vector Skin
  • Lego Inspired P92 Pistol Skin
  • Padded Leather Set
  • Unique Headgear
  • Season 13 Themed Airplane Finish
  • Season 13 Themed Parachute
  • Tribal Set with Ram Skull Mask
  • RP 100 Outfit – Choice between Lava Superman/Flash Superman
  • AUG Skin and more…

New character

Besides, the video shared by the tipster also shows a Tribal Set which includes male sheep’s skull mask and similarly themed costume. Season 13 also said to bring a new character named Andy which is showcased with a tagline, “I can make this gun talk.” The update is also said to come with new voice chat options.


There is also information on map update. There might be Miramar 2.0 or vikendi 2.0 version soon also pubg is working on new TDM mode just like GUN DOWN mode in COD Mobile.

Note that PUBG Mobile has not officially mentioned any of the above-mentioned information

If you know any more leakes or update comment down below.

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