Python Projects For Beginners To Advanced

In this blog you will get to know some Python Projects For Beginners To Advanced. Python is a very highly objective-oriented language. As mentioned in earlier blog, Python has been easy to learn with a readable syntax for beginners.

Over the years, python has managed to reach the top, making it the fastest-growing language, by sweeping into the coding world. It has dominated Java, C, C++, and many others. The acquisitive feature makes it more accurate to deal with.

Project Creation In Python:

  • The start is very simple, basic and straightforward. It begins with the learning of the fundamentals of Python. It helps you measure how comfortable you are with Python.
  • Then comes getting familiarized with simpler codes and following the logic behind it. Learning this is very important as it builds the base.
  • Now, you need to look into the practical applications of Python and figure out why you wanna exactly learn it.

What Projects Can You Make In Python?

When it comes to projects, the list is never-ending. So, it is required to be segregated into different components or sections. Hence, based on the skill or ability of the coder to deal with the syntax, projects on Python are classified into three levels.

  1. Beginner
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced

Beginner Level Python Projects:

  • Hangman Game With Python
  • Number Guessing Game In Python
  • Snake Game Using Python
  • Scientific Calculator Using Python
  • Pokemon Training Game In Python
  • Rock Paper Scissor game In Python

Intermediate Level Python Projects :

  • Web Scraping In Python
  • Login System Using Python flask/django Web Frameworks
  • Exploratory  Data Analysis
  • Pong Game Using Kivy in Python
  • Working With Graphs In Python
  • Survival Prediction on Titanic Data

Advanced Level Python Projects :

  • Face Mask Detection Using OpenCV Python
  • Speech Recognition Using Python
  • Text To Speech Using Python
  • Chatbot In Python
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Hangman Game With Python – Beginner

It is the best beginner project and the main goal here is to guess the right word. Here, the user should be able to input letters. For this, you need a way to grab a word to use it for guessing. And, there also needs to be functions to check if the user has inputted a single letter. Code – Hangman.ipynb

Number Guessing Game In Python – Beginner

Geeks from the CS background usually. The number guessing game is built by setting a range of numbers. If the range is from X to Y, where X and Y belong to Integers. Here, the random integer is selected by the system and the user has to guess that integer with the most minimum number of guesses.

Output For Guessing The Number Game

Working With Graphs In Python – Intermediate

To start learning the Intermediate stages, the best way is to know the libraries that Python supports. There are literally ‘n’ number of libraries. Some are easy to learn while some are hard to learn. certain top used libraries are NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Matplotlib. NumPy is used for scientific computing, SciPy uses arrays, Pandas for data frames, and Matplotlib is used to visualize data in graphs.

Chatbot In Python – Advanced

As we all know, chatbots are present on marketing websites or social media for customer interaction. Thus, Chatbot is intelligent software that has the ability to commute and perform actions to a certain level. Chatbots are well trained with datasets that have categories and patterns in them. The creation of chatbot involves five basic steps:

  1. Import & Load The Data File
  2. Preprocess Data
  3. training & Tesing Data Creation
  4. Building The Model
  5. Predict The Response


In this virtual world, there are tons of projects that you can do on Python. This blog must help you to start learning Python. Creating and designing of projects on Python is become a lot easier as there are tutorials and codes readily available for you. All you have to do is, understand the syntax and the logic behind it that would help you increase your skills.

Certain links that would help you out are mentioned below.

Happy Learning!

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