Quick News For Instagram Users

Instagram has grown as the most influential social media platforms in the world. It has more than 1 billion users, and has a lot of engagement the entire day. Social media never stops surprising all of us everyday, with the evolvement in technology.

With the trends changing so quickly, it’s always good to be updated, you know. Here are certain major updates that have occurred recently in Instagram.

1. Longer Reels

Instagram users can now create a longer clip on reels. Instagram mentioned via. their Twitter handle, on 28th July 2021, that the reels would now have an extended time of 60 seconds which is double the time available right now. Earlier it was just 15 seconds and then moved to 30 seconds and now an entire minute. This is not just is gonna allow creators and influencers on the social media an opportunity to portray content related to different context. Just for your information, Instagram reels were launched last year during the lockdown when India banned TikTok.

2. Safe Feature For 16 Year Old

Instagram also mentioned about a safe feature which will be activated by default for those who are teenagers. Their accounts will automatically be set to private and would have a limited access. This has come as a mandatory action from the Instagram team as it has detected many suspicious actions and accounts that would harm the younger generation. Henceforth, the way advertisements would approach the children under and above 18 years of age would be different.

Instagram Debuts New Safety Settings For Teenagers | WMKY

3. Text Translations On Stories

Instagram also announced an update that refers to the translation of the text in the Instagram stories. every time you watch a story that has a language different from what you have set for your app. Instagram would then send you a “See translation” notification. Once tapped on this, users have the text translated. this feature supports around 90 languages right now.

4. Expansion Of Tracking Data In Analytics

With the update, Instagram said that they are expanding the data tracking period within Instagram insights from 30 to 60 days for business profiles. This implies that, business profile owners would now be able to analyze the data of last two months. This will be possible without the interruption of any third-party apps.



With these, you are now familiar to the features and can now know how to implement these. Enjoy socializing and let us know how these updates have helped you in the comment section below!

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