Shortage of iPhone and AirPods due to the coronavirus?

There could be a worldwide shortage of iPhones and AirPods and the reason is tied to a global health Crysis – CORONA VIRUS and not even apple is immune to coronavirus. CEO Tim Cook on Tuesday said the company has suppliers in China’s Wuhan region, where the coronavirus first emerged. The iPhone maker has alternative sources for those components, he said, and it’s “working on mitigation plans to make up any expected production loss.”. A lot of people have died ( nearly 100) from deadly coronavirus and it is spreading around the globe but the epicenter of this virus is china specifically in Hubei Province, where the city Wuhan is located.

Now how does this is related to the shortage of iPhone and AirPods? The answer is as many apple’s products are assembled in China and due to coronavirus outbreak it could affect the production rate which could directly be the reason of shortage of iPhone and AirPods worldwide.

However, the mass production which is due to start in the third week of February might be delayed due to the virus outbreak, the Nikkei reported. China has become one of Apple’s most important markets over the past several years.

In early 2015, China surpassed the US to become Apple’s biggest iPhone market. (The US later regained that status.) Apple’s revenue from Greater China rose 3.1% to $13.6 billion in the quarter. Also, An anonymous executive from apple’s supply chain told the outlet that the coronavirus has created massive uncertainties and challenges for the production of iPhone and AirPods.

Apple also closed a store in China because of the coronavirus, and “a number” of its retail partners have also closed their locations. Apple has also limited employee travel to affected areas to “business-critical situations.”

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