Top 10 Weird Programming Languages

Programming languages have been designed, to make our task simpler. These have simpler and understandable syntax; are bug free and super fast. But, diving deep into this, programmers do at times go against certain principles to create something obscure and the purpose is either with respect to their research or just for fun. Here are top 10 weird programming languages that you would be shocked to know.

1. Lolcode

An example of code written in LOLCODE - 9GAG

In 2007, Adam Lindsay created Lolcode whose keywords are all written in capital letters. This doesn’t contain any specific library functions. This means that lolcode can only read a file or write text to the console.

2. Malbolge

Hello everybody heres how to say "Hello world" in the malbolge programming  language: teenagers

Ben Olmstead in 1998, named this language after the eighth circle of hell. This isn’t man-made as it is built with algorithm. This is been designed to be impossible to write useful programs and it took almost two years to materialize everything.

This language is said to be close to cryptography and the programmer himself didn’t write any program in his own language as it was very difficult but as time passed by, the errors came to be seen. Later on, this became the source code for Hello World!

3. Whitespace

Top 20 Strangest Programming Languages (5-1)

Released on April fools, and unlike normal programming languages, anything that isn’t a whitespace character is ignored, only space, tab and linefeeds have any meaning. This means that any program that doesn’t depend on white space for validity (like python) can have a Whitespace program within it, making it a polyglot.

It was created by Edwin Brady and Chris Morris and was released on April Fools’ day. Unlike other languages, whitespace uses even the white spaces as a command and ignores the other characters. Now, due to this, any program that doesn’t have a white space validity can have Whitespace code written inside those programming languages.

4. ArnoldC

Fun Fact: There is a programming language called...

ArnoldC  was created by Lauri Hartikka. A programming language where the basic keywords are replaced with quotes – one-liners from the movie that featured Arnold Schwarzenegge.

5. Befunge

Befunge - Visual Studio Marketplace

Befunge was created by Chris Pressey in 1993. The main focus was to make a language hard to combine. This is being done by implementing codes that have a similar instruction. This is a 2-D language. Code is usually entered in the play-field and the program can replace any of the cells it wishes. The direction in which any interpreter takes the information could be controlled through this program.

6. Brainfuck

A Brainfuck compiler in C | One Step! Code

Brainfuck is the master-blaster of the obscure languages. It is also styled as brainf___, brainf***, or just BF. It is a tape-based language, which means it is extremely long and has a 1D array. It is very difficult to code with this program as it has only 8 base commands. The pointer present at the end of the tape can be moved forward or backward. It is built to amuse programmers and not for practical coding purposes.

7. ///

/NAME/Karl Hungus/Hello, NAME!
/NAME/Karl Hungus/Hello, Karl Hungus!

/// is pronounced “slashes” and it is a language where all computation is performed through strings. /// was invented by Tanner Swett in 2006. This is a conservative language that has only one operation. The language is very limited, but programmers are clever enough to turn the string into fully working programs that loop and give data. A special character in /// is the backslash \ character, which can be used to escape the / character 

8. Piet

Top 20 Strangest Programming Languages (5-1)
Hello World In Piet

Piet an artistic esoteric language, named after the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. He was famous for his art, that consisted of simple geometric shapes. Piet, hence, is based on colorful building blocks. In all it supports 20 distinct colors – 3 different shades of 6 different hues and also white and black.

On the start of the program, Piet reads the colors of the pixels in the bitmap. During the execution, when a wall of pixels is discovered, the direction of program execution changes and pixels are read from top-to bottom. The movement inside or out of a white area means no action. So, the only way to change the color without performing an action is this itself.

9. Chicken

Daily Startup News: A new programming language "chicken"

Chicken was created by Swedish programmer Torbjörn Söderstedt. Infact, it is not just the name of the language, but also the only keyword that is allowed in it. The number of repetitions and new lines determines the code that needs to be executed. Until today, this is known as the best known single-keyword weird programming language. Technically, there are eleven instructions in the library of Chicken language, which relates to eleven opcodes, numbered from 0 to 10.

10. Velato

Bahasa Pemrograman Paling Aneh dan Unik yang Ada di Dunia - Kotakode

This is another weird programming language created by Daniel Temkin that uses MIDI files as the source for code. The commands are usually determined by the the pitch, order of notes and also the source of codes that are created using Velato, tend to have a jazz-like sound to them.


There are still many weird programming languages that none of us could every think of, but I am sure you must be shocked to see these top 10 weird programming languages. These come with a purpose to give ideas and influence the industry. A language only needs to have a wide range of possibilities to be computed. For further details and information, you can look on to

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