Top 9 Innovations That Changed The World

From the ancient lost technological tools, to the Artificial Intelligence driven world today, we have come a long way. So, let’s get on to the Top 9 Innovations That Changed The World.

1. The Compass

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Mariners usually travelled with the help of stars but, this wasn’t possible in the daytime or cloudy nights. The innovation came around 200BC by the Chinese. Though initially it was created for spiritual purposes, it slowly came to be used by the navigators. It said to be made out of lodestone, which is obtained from magnetite. The uses of the compass needle are been mentioned in the European book written in around 1190.

In today’s World The Compass is everywhere, in your mobile phones and even some travelers carry physical compass. This is one of the top innovation that changed the world and is seen everywhere.

2. Steam Engine

File:PB15 448 Steam.jpg - Wikipedia

Jerónimo de Ayanz is the first person to develop a steam engine. Thomas Savery, an engineer and inventor, is the one who brought the developed model into practical existence in the year 1698. Similarly, with years of inputs and changes, modern engine came around in the 19th century that could help not only the trains but also, a variety of machines, cars and aircrafts.

Richard Trevithick used a steam carriage on a railway for the first time.

Eventually use of steam engine decreased as it causes TONES of pollution, which is a modern day critical problem.

3. The Airplane

18 Unique Facts about the Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers made the first ever aircraft on 17th December 1903. Flying had been a dream before the Wright Brothers brought this up and hence, by working on gliders, they succeeded and laid the foundation for modern aeronautical engineering.

With time today in 2021 there are aircrafts being used for travel, military, transportation, and it has become an essential part of everyone’s life. And definitely this is one of the very important innovations that changed the world and the way of living.

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4. Lightbulb

 EdisonS Light Bulb 1879

Around 150 years ago, Thomas Alva Edison came up with the invention of the bulb. In the times when natural light was the only source, productivity was reduced, but, light bulbs have changed the world as we can be active at nights as well. The primary fully functioning bulb with wiring and a carbon-filament bulb was seen in 1879. This brought about an unexpected change in the western world, with change in sleeping patterns of people.

5. Battery

The Battery - Volta Temple Museum in Como

The first electric battery was made by Alessandro Volta. earlier, batteries were used for electroplating silver. Though with time the uses of battery increased. A change came in around 1859, with the invention of the first rechargeable battery based on lead-acid. The Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) battery was introduced in 1899.

6. The Transistors

Inventing the Transistor - CHM Revolution

Julius Lilienfeld innovated the first field-effect transistor, but couldn’t be put into working. Later on, John Bardeen, Walter Brattain and William Shockley developed the first practical transistor in 1947.

7. Computers

IBM XT personal computer, 1983. at Science and Society Picture Library

Charles Babbage, an engineer laid down the base for computers and Ada Lovelace created the first programs. The “father of the computer” in the 19th century saw the coming of the first mechanical computer. There isn’t any specific innovation of how our modern day computers came up, though the principle was framed by Alan Turing.

8. Internet & World Wide Web

World Wide Web Code By Tim Berners-Lee To Auction As NFT At Sotheby's - Art  Insider

Just like the lightbulb, internet evolved over time. The era began in 1950s in the United States. The very first working model came to be known as ARPANET in the1960s. In around January 1983, ARPANET adopted contracts and this began accumulation of the “network of network” today known as the Internet.

The Internet is a base and the World Wide Web enables access to information through the Internet. The WWW was developed to share information amongst the scientists in the universities and in the world around. Tim Berners-Lee gave the first proposal in March 1989 and a second one in 1990 for the WWW. by the end of 1990, the first server and browser were up and had very limited access. By 1991, the WWW was announced on the internet and gradually by 1993, the software WWW was out and everyone had a free access to it. the rest is what it is today.

9. Telephones & Mobile Phones

Alexander Graham Bell

With the desire to communicate, came the invention of telephones. Alexander Graham Bell, on March 10th 1876, made the first call to his assistant. these involved the connection of cables to and from different places to make communication possible. As time went by, with the emergence of cellular phones in 1980s, the dependency on cables reduced. From bulky calling phones to the ultrathin smartphones today has been firm with the revolution of telephonic industry. Later, in 1973, John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper of Motorola demonstrated the first handheld device.


These are the top 9 innovations that changed the world and With the passage of time, innovation have kept developing through the editions of different scientists. The technology that we use today is all the creation by our great forefathers. Utilization of these resources wisely would lead us to a sustainable development.

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