Xiaomi files a patent of two in one 5G SIM and Memory Card

As technology is changing quite rapidly to fulfill our needs and make our work easier, here is Xiaomi’s attempt to do so by Super SIMs which will have both 5G sim and Memory card.

What is a Super SIM?

These are two-in-one SIM and memory cards and were first seen in 2019. A Chinese electronics company, Ziguang released similar Super SIMs. But Xiaomi has patented this feat. For this 5G SIM to work, the company is exploring options for the same like SIM components on one side of the chip and memory card functionality on the other. It is uncertain when will we able to see these Super SIMs in the market.

It will help the users to migrate their phones easily and will provide extra space as well.
But the introduction of these SIMs has other challenges as well, as the latest smartphones like iPhone 11 Pro and Google Pixel 3 have started using e-SIM.

What are eSIMs?

These SIMs completely eliminate the requirement of an actual SIM i.e the physical form of SIM, which is contrary to what Xiaomi is attempting to make. Other challenges include convincing smartphone manufacturers to opt for these 5G Super SIMs.

Currently, Xiaomi provides a few smartphones like Redmi K3G. Mi Mix 3 5G yet to be launched in India.

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