What Are The Different Types Of Encryptions?

These days, it is very mandatory to keep all private information encrypted. We use a lot of things on a daily basis like banking, business data, etc., and securing everything is a great task. Well, this is the reason why certain apps offer encryption only to a particular form of program to keep the information safe.

So, encryption is used by all companies for the protection of their data. It is being used in every interaction that you do digitally. Thus, going further on to knowing the various types of encryptions. These will help you know how can encrypted data benefit your business.

1. Triple DES

DES stands for Data Encrypted Standard. The latest Triple DES is a version of block cipher which is currently in use. As the name suggests, Triple DES doesn’t give a single 56-bit key, but three times the protection and security i.e. three separate 56-bit keys. But, this takes a lot of time and has shorter block lengths as well due to which there are chances of this being hacked. Not us personally, but there are organizations, banks, institutions, etc. which use this kind of encryption. But, today since the tech world has moved a lot ahead, this encryption is usually are not part of the latest products.

2. RSA

This is popularly known as “Rivest-Shamir-Adleman” or RSA. This has been widely been used for digital data transfer throughout the world, on a public key. The receiver already has a personal code with him/her to decode the information. This has proved to be the most secure way to send data across and there would be no third party that would know anything about this. Hence, this has come to the use of a lot of businesses and introverts who don’t wish to communicate with the risk of compromising personal information or sensitive data. This gets more comfortable when you make it a regular habit. But yes it would take a lot of time to encrypt large or numerous files.

3. AES

The most secured encryption one could have is AES – Advanced Encryption Standard. This has been come to use by governments and also by regular businesses for confidential communications. A symmetric encrypted key is being used by AES. As mentioned earlier, the receiver decodes the information. It is different from the others as it decodes everything in a single block. Here are the types:

  • AES-128 encrypts blocks of a 128-bit size
  • AES-192 encrypts blocks of a 192-bit size
  • AES-256 encrypts blocks of a 256-bit size

Moreover, various block sizes have different numbers of rounds. These are processes to change plain text data to encrypted or ciphered data. The best benefit of AES is that it is available even today! Many apps widely accept AES for security and are always worth the price.

File:AES (Rijndael) Round Function.png - Wikimedia Commons
Advanced Encryption Standard – Hackyourtechnology

4. Twofish

This is another symmetric block, which is an advanced variation of Blowfish. Its size varies from 128-bits to 256-bits. Also, to your surprise, this is different from others as it is flexible and can process 16 rounds without considering the size of the data. You can also alter the speed of the process by either reducing it or lowering it. Also, it is license-free and you can have full control over it compared to the rest.

Reconfigurable Systems for Cryptography and Multimedia Applications |  IntechOpen
Twofish Encryption – Hackyourtechnology

5. Blowfish

As said above, Blowfish is a little older version of encryption. It was a method, made to replace DES previously. Again, it is a symmetric block cipher that variably works from 32bits to 448bits. This helps in the segregation of data. The message or information is hence divided into 64bits while either encrypting or decrypting the information. The design made has a super-fast processing speed and is publicly available. As Twofish is also license-free, it is obvious that this as well doesn’t require any license. this has also being multi-tested for speed, efficiency, and security and there are reports that say that until today, there has been ZERO successful hacking with this kind of encryption. Be it for vendors or agencies, this has its name for secure transactions, passwords, and private information as well.


There are many other encryption types available out there. But, they are either old or are not considered good for their usage. Thus, these five major types are the most powerful ones, and hope they help in your business or organization. You can also refer to, https://youtu.be/6-JjHa-qLPk video, for more information regarding the types and benefits of encryption.

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