What Does The Future of Technology Hold For Us ?

How Will Future Technology Change The World?

What do you think, is the future holding onto for the world?

A Better Place OR Destruction of Humanity? Let’s figure it out!

Technology has the power to do a lot of things. We are a lot fortunate enough to live in this era wherein we have the technology to assist us and make our lives easier.

Industrial robots, AI, machine learning, etc. are advancing at a faster rate. It has already paved a way for progress and innovation, and the list for further growth is never-ending. These technologies are built with a broad perspective and significance of their ability to transform the existing businesses. Even though it has improved with speed, costs, quality, etc., it has ousted a large number of workers.

This has led to changes in retirement benefits and models of contracts offered by companies to workers. In countries where there are already lesser people working, this would create havoc. Hence, “flexible security” has been put forth as a solution for providing health care, assistance, and education. No matter what, it’s always necessary for the needs to be fulfilled in areas with fewer workers.

Almost after half a century of consumer electronics, imagine how difficult it would be to perceive everything into one.

There is going to be a loss of privacy which is going to be very difficult and we still need to keep working on how to work on it. In fact, over the past decade, the technological world has rushed and taken its speed to reach up to the sky.

In the world of 2050, it would be unimaginable in a lot of ways, even if we assume that people will sit for hours in a place with two arms, two legs, and an unpleasant smell due to not washing and we have no clue of what all of this is gonna lead to.

But there are things in our favor. The internet today is far way ahead than it had been in those days of 2004. Though it has brought a chaotic effect in our lives, it is at least predictably unpredictable.

The time is not far when the developed nations are gonna finish reaching out to electric cars for everyone. Also, the developing nations are slowly putting a step forward for good air quality rather than cheaper mechanisms.

In 2020, sources say that there had been two trends in place – one being the providers like Facebook, etc., who were trying to link nations through the internet and if this succeeds, most of the benefits of the internet would be robbed from other nations.

Another thing to be taken into consideration while talking about future trends in the climate. The data of this won’t change it is how we as humans react to it.

There could be two possibilities.

  1. Humanity would reach zero when there are emissions and we’ll be living in a world where all plant products would be replaced with animal products everyday! The electric network would even be present in the suburbs and the world would become a virtual conference room and remote attendance would gradually chip away.
  1. But, if this plan fails, we need to turn onto the second plan. This is where, the world would be an injection of sulphur dioxide and we would never see the blue sky again. This is where, cities are forsaken and the population is relocated to avoid the worst effects. Hence, geoengineering is neither optimistic nor pessimistic about the future of humanity.

All of this is not about the contrast we bring but about how we will live right now to make our future worth living or hell. And this is all going to be an effect of our social attitude and changes.

In this era, people are building long-term infrastructure, etc., but this is not what we need. We need a cultural change in values for a sustainable decision.

There is another possibility: that technology really does save the day, and then some. John Maeda, the chief experience officer at the digital consultancy Publicis Sapient, says that by 2050, “computational machines will have surpassed the processing power of all the living human brains on Earth. The cloud will also have absorbed the thinking of the many dead brains on Earth, too – and we all need to work together to survive. So I predict that we will see a lasting cooperation between the human race and the computational machines of the future.” ( Source – https://www.theguardian.com/technology/ )

Therefore, there is a little chance of relying on the 50% chance that AGI might make it possible to have all work done by machines. And as humanity is concerned, our every other prediction would be forgotten.

If we assume that the future bright artificial minds would leave us alone or destroy us or save us, then building up a better future would make no sense, doesn’t it?

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