What Is Firewall? What is the Importance of Firewall?

Each and every one of us, once in our lifetimes would have heard of “Firewall” , If not you will get to know about firewall and importance of firewall in this blog. You must have noticed that there is a dialogue box that appears, seeking your permission before you install any software program or want to open any external file.

Here is where Firewalls come into place. They have been an integral part of the security systems since decades.


So, a firewall is a network security device, for computer hardware and software, that monitors the network system by filtering the traffic and blocks or permits the outsider network or data from gaining access to your computer data.

This entry or exit is based on a set of rules. The purpose of this Firewall is basically to prevent the entering of malicious software and viruses from infecting the computer. Thus, it acts as a barrier between your internal system and external sources.

Types of Firewall:

Firewalls exist in different forms depending upon the level and kind of protection you need. As said above, it exists in both hardware and software. You can have either of them or both of them. A software firewall needs to be installed internally on the computer while a hardware firewall equipment is to be installed or fitted between the internet source and your computer.

  • Packet-filtering Firewall
  • Next-generation Firewall
  • Proxy Service Firewall
  • Network Address Translation Firewall
  • Stateful Multilayer Inspection Firewall
  • Unified Theft Management Firewall
  • Virtual Firewall

Importance Of Firewall In Computers:

Understanding the benefits is necessary to cope up with the ever changing digital world. Firewall serve as a defense mechanism to unauthorized access which is caused by external threats, malware, personal data, viruses and hackers.

Though Firewalls don’t avoid viruses and malware, they at least prevent you from known & already infected links and traffic from gaining access to your computer. However, it is mandatory to always have up-to-date anti-virus software to be installed on to your PC.

But, a good thing about Firewall is also that it promotes privacy, and this is something everyone is the most cautious about.

What If There is No Firewall ?

You might be engaged in certain safety but they won’t be as relevant as Firewall. So if you don’t have it,

  • Gives Open Access
  • Lost Data
  • Network Crashes


Therefore, Firewalls are an integral part of security, especially when the different firewalls work together to you protection. You need to hence, pro-actively address the security of your network.

[ For further information regarding the benefits of Firewall, go on to: https://www.fortinet.com/resources/cyberglossary/benefits-of-firewall ]

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