What is jailbreaking? Is jailbreaking an iPhone Safe?

Ever wondered what this mysterious term ‘jailbreaking’ means and how it affects the device ? Here is what you exactly need to know.

It is a process to utilize the flaws of a locked device to install a software that is not permitted by the manufacturer. This is known as breaking as it frees the user from the limitations that exist in the device.

Thus, jailbreaking refers to removing software restrictions built into iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. This helps in getting access to the entire operating system.


Earlier, iPhones didn’t have the App store and the iOS versions were more limiting than what they are today. The first duplication was done in the US but just for some network and carrier issues which wouldn’t be done if they didn’t have a jailbroken iPhone.

Since the term has appeared, it has also been used for Digital Rights Management (DRM). Correspondingly, it is also used for cracking a particular software and also in rooting phones.

But, with the passage of time, iPhone has given more access to the OS and hence reducing the limitations and accordingly jailbreaking being reduced. And since Apple is strictly against jailbreaking, the newer versions of the operating system have been developed that can’t be jailbroken immediately or easily.

Is It Legal ?

No it is not, but the laws keep changing worldwide and keep evolving. It is legal if you are doing it for legal apps, but it turns illegal if you are doing it for illegal unauthorised apps is a sin.

Though Apple is strictly against jailbreaking, until today they haven’t harmed or threatened the jailbreakers. Infact, they are thankful to them for letting them know the security holes.

Anyhow, jailbreaking nullifies the warranty, so if in case you damage your device, it is wholly your responsibility and you have nothing back to hold on.

Jailbreaking An iPhone:

This gives you an unauthorised access to the root structure. This leads to your device being available to hackers and vulnerable to viruses. With such a device, you can

  • Access Third-party Apps Outside The Store
  • Remove Or Delete Pre-installed Apps
  • Customise And Personalize Your Device
  • Unlock Carrier Restrictions

But, everything has an upside and a downside. The consequences of jailbreaking could be

  • Malware Installation
  • Exposure To Privacy
  • Fragile System
  • Unforeseen Issues

Is Jailbreaking An iPhone Safe ?

The honest revert is NO! Jailbroken phones are an easy target to malwares and system crashes and a lot more. 

When you jailbreak an iPhone, you lose the security given to you by Apple’s Team and make yourself prone to security risks. Alongside, you also do not work on the basis of the iOS and its updates which leaves you towards security risk again.

Last Thought:

Thus, you need to make sure who the owner is of the device, evaluate over the risks and determine if those risks outweigh the benefits. Hence it is adviced mostly to not jailbreak a device, but for those who want to, need to learn to how to do it safely and also keep a backup of the data files.

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