What Is Pegasus Spyware? How Is It Harmful?

Let us understand about Pegasus Spyware. Firstly, spyware is software that is being designed to enter your device, gather your data, and forward it to a third party without you getting to know about it. One such software is Pegasus.

It was developed by an Israeli company, an NSO Group, and is one of the most powerful spyware and it is created to invade smartphones and turn them into monitoring devices.

Additionally, it has been designed for iOS and Android operating systems that could be installed on mobile phones.

The Israeli Company marketed this tool to track criminals and terrorists only and not for large-scale monitoring. In around August 2020, the Israeli Company reported having sold this software for hundreds of millions of dollars. This is being sold to only government agencies. One single license can affect many smartphones.

From the reports, it has been identified that the targets of these Spywares are:

  • Journalists
  • Politicians
  • Chief Executives
  • Government Officials, and
  • Human Right Activists

It’s Working:

Its basic objective is to seize the entire device. It either root the Android device or jailbreaks an iPhone. As per the previous blog, rooting and jailbreaking entirely remove the security of the device in the operating system.

So, after unlocking the device by Pegasus spyware, criminals can establish the software to get remote access to your data.

Once Pegasus gets installed onto the phone, it starts stealing almost all of your personal information. For instance;

  • Your Text Messages
  • Contacts
  • Call History
  • Calendar Events
  • Start Recording Your Calls
  • Track The GPS
  • Take Screenshots
  • Hijack Camera

Harm Caused:

  1. Pegasus exploits the undiscovered bugs present in the device. In 2016, an older version of this spyware infected smartphones through text messages and emails sent to the desired target.
  1. By 2019, it could even infect devices through just a normal WhatsApp missed call, though this was fixed. It could even get installed through wireless transmitters and receivers.


Once everyone became aware of this spyware, the OCCRP Report came out with the zero-click exploit solution. Zero-click exploits rely on bugs present in popular apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, etc. which all receive and sort data. The moment Pegasus spyware enters your device, the app’s protocol and hence, the user isn’t required to click on anything.

The other basic things you could do to save yourself from hacking attacks are stated on this blog- https://hackyourtechnology.com/tips-for-not-getting-hacked/

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