What Is WWW1 And WWW2 ? How Are They Different From WWW ?

The prefix www stands for the World wide Web. It’s an information system where the documents and web resources are stored under Uniform Resource Locators [URLs]. Multiple web resources that have a common theme and a common domain name collectively form a website. These websites are found on web servers.

The WWW1 and WWW2 !

At times, websites redirect us to URLs that are replaced by www1 or www2 instead of www. In this world of increasing scams and online frauds, certain unexpected numbers bring up a concern and fear in all of our minds. So, let’s know what’s with these WWWX domains.

These usually appear in and pop up especially in banking websites. This is because, these subdomains are used for balancing the large amount of loads on the domain. This signifies from which web browser you are retrieving the data, as it is being sent from another server than your main WWW domain.

Are WWW1 And WWW2 Safe ?

This is where you might panic but, don’t worry, these are not unprotected. In-fact, www1 websites make sure you are more secure. These wwwn’s prevent the merging and crashing of different sources and from any mal-practice that could occur with the private information of cards, account numbers, etc. being shared.

Therefore, these subdomains are more secure and are hence being seen as URLs during private transactions or logging into your bank on the internet. Especially dynamic websites often use such kind of extended URLs, due to a lot of traffic, to accommodate more requests as one server cannot handle a abundance of requests.

This, doesn’t happen while we use other things like Facebook, Twitter or Skype as these are platforms for interaction and it has access for a lot of people using at one single go as it involves getting logged on through personal IDs.


Let’s consider a hypothetical situation. If one domain-subdomain is being hosted on a computer and at the same time, the that domain-subdomain is being put up on another computer, it is observed that, each of them have the machine name as www. So, the desktop on which the machine name is left off, the default machine name www would be assumed by the device and put up and the user would reach the right site. Hence, when a site uses more than one computer for hosting, each of them requires a different machine name and www1, www2 etc. are those machine names that get assumed.

Hope this blog information gave you a little relief to now, more independently and confidently use the internet and surf as per your need. You can check out more security related articles on our website.

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