What to look for when buying a laptop?

In this pandemic, the possibility of you buying a laptop is either you have work from home or the classes are online. These days there are huge varieties and ranges of laptops available in the stores.

Hence, this makes it hard for everyone to select a good laptop. So, the basic things that you need to look at are – the operating system, storage, ram, processor, graphic card,

Operating System

Choosing the right OS is the first step you need in deciding a good laptop. There are three primary operating systems namely:-

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  1. Windows is easy to use and is an ideal platform for work and studies. Most of the devices have Windows in them and the latest version is Windows10.
  2. MacOS on the other side gives a simplified user interface and is less vulnerable to security lapses. Its latest version is macOS 10.5 Catalina.
  3. Linux is an open source operating system that supports a wide range of programming languages for coders. It is reliable and does not compromise on performance.


The more the capacity the better the laptop performs in the background. And hence, the different types of hard drives are:-

  • HDD
  • SSD
  • SSHD
  1. HDD stands for Hard Disk Drives which provide huge storage at a reasonable cost per gigabyte.
  2. SSD stands for Solid State Drives that provide a smooth booting and multitasking experience to the user. SSD is 10x faster than HDD. This is especially good for thin and light laptops. GO FOR SSD OVER HDD ANY DAY.
  3. SSHD stands for Solid State Hybrid Drives which offer maximum capacity at an affordable rate. Alongside it also gives sound booting and loading advantage.


RAM means Random Access Memory. Higher the RAM, more the multitasking ability. Business travelers and home users can look for 4GB RAM, while gamers and graphic designers need to look for minimum of 8GB of RAM.

A good performance laptop must have a 16GB of RAM.


The most important thing while choosing a laptop is the CPU Processor. It must be chosen very wisely as it offers faster speed. Two main competitors of processor are:-

  • Intel
  • AMD

Intel processor provides with more efficiency, generates less heat, but is costly. Video editors Prefer Intel processor. ASUS ROG Strix G15 have Intel Core i5-10300H 10th Gen and is best budget performance laptop you can buy.

AMD processor are most value for money in today’s market. These processor generally produce more heat, due to which laptops having AMD processor have turbo cooling function. HP Pavilion Gaming can be the best budget range performance laptop.


Always Consider buying a laptop with a good display as it not only will affect your eyes but also affects user experience.

If you want to buy a Laptop for normal day to day tasks, A display with 60HZ refresh rate and 1920×1080 resolution will be good.

For a performance laptop, for gaming purpose, display with 120HZ or 144HZ refresh rate with IPS display turns out to be the best.

Graphic card

So before buying a graphic card, you must know how much time you invest in gaming. For example: If you play games for fun and just to relax yourself, then a 4GB graphics card could get you highest settings on most of the AAA titles right now with around 70-80 FPS and if you have enough budget you can go for a 6GB option and get around 120-130 FPS. Anything above that for a casual gamer is not recommended.

So in the graphics card scenario there are two major brand AMD and Nvidia. And overall Nvidia cards are better as of now. But you can also buy the AMD Radeon series because of the price hike, But for now in this article we stick to Nvidia.

GTX 1650 – Overall Best Budget Gaming Graphics Card (4GB VRAM)

GTX 1660ti – Best Gaming Graphics Card for Higher Frame Rates (6GB VRAM)

Now, if you play games in a competitive scenario, then you should spend your money on a better graphics card rather than on a higher range CPU.

Now comes the graphics card, if you don’t have any budget constraints.

Currently RTX 3070 from Nvidia is the best card for gamers that is still very expensive but has excellent performance.

  • RTX 3070 (8GB DDR6 VRAM)

RTX 3080- There is no graphics card that comes near to this. Useful if you need to game in 4K resolution.

Extra features that we need to focus on are:

  • USB Port – 3.0
  • Display
  • Dual band Wi-Fi Functionality
  • HDMI port
  • Ethernet port
  • Speakers
  • RGB ( I personally love it ).


For Gamers:- ASUS TUF Gaming A15

For Students:- HP 15 (2021)

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