Why Local SEO Is Important ?

Any idea of why local SEO has so much importance, and is it good for your business or not ? This blog will help you out !

Being a small business owner, you never know what’s good for you and what’s not or you tend to have a lot of confusion. Just like having the word-of-mouth, a way to communicate with the external parties, the local community also needs interaction. Though personal interactions are needed, local SEO is a way to bring customers to you.

What does Local SEO Mean ?

Let’s get on to what it means. As the name suggests, local SEO is a practice of revamping and increasing your online visibility on the search engine. Studies say that around 45% of searches on google are for local businesses. Another study shows that 95% of people use mobile as a device and platform for local searches and this leads to more than half the percent of people calling the place and some of them reaching out to the stores for their purchase.

It’s unbelievable, isn’t it? Let us now take you to the reasons and importance of local SEO for your business.


It basically aims to help your business stand out more than others. It doesn’t mean you need to compulsorily have a website. This just means, to pull-in traffic in your establishment via online leads. The leads are usually people who keep scrolling and are in search of goods and services that a business offers. Due to the help of such leads and their reviews online, there has been a 70% rise in the store being visited by customers.

SEO helps people make wise and smart decisions because, the more information you provide online before a customer comes to your store, the more trust you gain. With this, you now have a general idea, so here is a list of the reasons we discussed as of why SEO is important.

  • Makes You Competitive
  • Draws New Customers & Visitors
  • Inexpensive Than Other Brands
  • Buying Local Is More Preferable
  • Phone/Mobile Searches Pull-in Sales

SEO Ranking Factors

Your business get ranked on three major factors, namely, relevance, distance, and prominence.

  1. Relevance: People’s searches and your business need to match the local list. They need some sort of connection and appropriateness regarding what they seek for. Adding details will help Google understand better about your business and show you in the relevant searches.
  2. Distance: Location is something that matters each and every one of us. How far your business is reachable matters a lot as it gets displayed on the basis of location terms in a user’s search. If the location isn’t specified, Google automatically calculates the distance depending on the place where it is searched from.
  3. Prominence: This is based on how well-known your business is. This depends on the information that Google has about the business on the internet. The backlinks, blogs, services, etc. Google reviews, scores, etc. are also a factor for ranking on the google. The more the reviews, the more the ratings and the more improvements in the business.


With a final thought, understanding local SEO and why is it important is first and foremost basic step towards the improvement of your own business. Connecting to people, building brand name, and a good reputation in your locality with advantages of local SEO will give benefits in a longer run. Do tell us in the comments and let us know how this blog has helped you and your business. Good Luck !

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