Why should you still learn java in 2021and it’s future.

Future of anything whether it is a technology or a person is completely unpredictable. Java being a 26-year-old language is still being used in almost every part of the world whether its an application or a website, everything is made using java framework. Then the question arises why we still need such an old language? We have so many new technologies and languages like Python then why most of the application are dependent on java? These all questions will get cleared at end of this article also talking about the future of java.

So, let’s start with some introduction to java for the ones who have just entered the world of programming and also who want to advance their career in java.  Almost everyone is familiar with the basic definition that java is a programming language used to write code in it. But java is not only a programming language, but it is a high-level, object-oriented programming language.

 We can say that Java is just an advance version of C++ programming language in syntax wise. While using it you will notice that many methods are similar to that of C++. The only difference is that java provides us with some dynamic capabilities like reflection and runtime code modification that are not found in earlier programming languages. Another advantage of java is once the java code is compiled it can run on any platforms without compiling again that supports java, making it easy for the developers to code in it.

Let’s now talk about why java is so important. Why should one still learn java in 2021?

 This language is already much popular among the developers because its

  • Easy to understand– Java uses friendly syntax which is very easy to understand as well as to implement it in applications.
  • Easy to learn– Java is easy to learn because there are thousands of free resources over internet to learn from. Websites like GeekForGeeks, JavaTpoint, w3schools provides a basic understanding of language with their free tutorials.
  • Market popularity– If we talk about the market popularity of this language then currently java 8 is the most demanded as well as accepted version of java according to newrelic.com. Almost every application is built using java framework and demands for java developers is being increasing day by day.
  • Career opportunity– If we talk about career in this language then there are various career paths, depending upon your interest and skills you can be a-
    • Java Software developer
    • Java Architect
    • Java Web Developer
    • Java Android Developer
    • Java EE Developer
    • Freelancing

There are rumours that java is losing its importance due to latest languages like Python and will be not used in coming years which is completely false.

The above chart is taken from https://pypl.github.io/PYPL.html which shows the popularity of a language in certain years. We can see that python is most popular language, but this tells us that java will not discontinue anytime soon in the coming years.

Future of java –

As stated earlier that future of anything cannot be predicted but if make an analysis using some facts then we can have a small idea about its future.

According to oracle, there are about 7 billion devices and apps which runs over java. Almost every organisation software uses java as its main component, so the demand for a java developer will always be there in the market and that also in a high demand.

If we simply search over LinkedIn for jobs, there will be about 7000+ jobs for java developer alone in India. Not only in India but also all over the world the demand for java developer is always high.

The above chart is taken from https://www.payscale.com/research/IN/Job=Java_Developer/Salary which shows the salary trends of a java developer.

If we see the average salary for a java developer is INR 458,970. keeps increasing with the increase in the level of experience.

The above chart is taken from the https://www.daxx.com/blog/development-trends/number-software-developers-world which shows the number of opportunity for a software developer in coming years.

The demand for java developer will be increasing in the coming years and if one want to start its career in java then 2021 is the right time to start. As you have plenty of time to read and with so much free resource is available over internet you can master yourself in java. Online sites like Stack Overflow, have experts from every part of the world who are ready to solve your query.

If you want to learn python and want to make a career in it then also you should learn java first as it will give you an idea of input output and the working of the statements and codes. It will be easier for you to then learn any other new language.

At last, I want to say, even after 26 years of existence, Java continues to evolve.

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