How beulr attend your zoom class without you actually attending it?

Ever wished for someone who could attend your lectures on your behalf? Well, here it is- beulr! This might be the best hack for you.

Beulr is a Website that will do your job. You just need to register on and you account will get created also you will get 2 credit points. 1 credit = 1 hour of class.

For confirming your email address you will get additional 2 credits!

How to schedule your zoom lecture?

It is really simple to do so, After registering yourself to beulr, you just need to click on add class button and you will see this window.

Just fill in the basic information asked here and click on add lecture and then you can just go to sleep or turn your internet off and it will attend your class on your behalf.

Enjoy 100% attendance and drop a comment if it helped you 🙂

Thee are a lot of tips & tricks on this website that might amaze you.

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